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Remote Connections Manager was initially built as an utility that allows to launch ssh sessions with password authentication in different terminal applications and login with password without user intervention.

Lately it grew in application which offer centralized storage for telnet, ssh, ftp, sftp connections with unlimited hierarchic folder support. Among other connection properties a connection has password property, working directory property and post-login commands property. These connections can be launched in different terminal applications. When using ssh, ftp and sftp connection an password will be used for autologin, working directory will be changed and post-login commands will be executed after login. ftp and sftp connections can be also launched in ftp/sftp browsers, an password will be used for autologin. For user convenience, Remote Connections Manager can import connections from similar applications or terminal applications and ftp/sftp browsers.


  • ftp, sftp, telnet, ssh connection support
  • unlimited folder hierarchy
  • autologin of ftp, sftp, ssh connections with password authentication in terminal applications
  • autologin of ftp, sftp connections with password authentication in ftp/sftp browsers
  • automatic change of working directory
  • automatic execution of post-login commands in terminal applications
  • passwords saved in Apple Keychain
  • can import connections from other applications
  • connections can be displayed in Status menu and Dock menu
  • simple, easy to understand interface

Supported terminal applications
  • Apple Terminal
  • Apple X11
  • iTerm
  • MacWise
  • Terminator
  • MacTelnet
  • dataComet

Supported ftp/sftp browser
  • Transmit
  • Cyberduck


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  • Apple Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.6
  • Lion compatibility in progress


To install Remote Connections Manager copy it from disk image to Applications folder or another folder You like.


Launch Remote Connections Manager.

If you would like to import connections from other applications choose Import menu item in File menu and act according instructions in Import window.

Add, modify, delete, move connections and folders within folder hierarchy by controls in main Remote Connections Manager window.

Choose terminal application or ftp/sftp browsers in popup menu at the top of main window.

To launch saved connection in tree connection view:
•    double-click connection item
•    or
•    select connection and press Enter key
To launch connection with properties displayed in detail Detail of main window:
•    click Open button at the bottom od Detail pane or choose Open menu item from File menu

Properties entered, modified in Detail pane are temporary and not saved until You click Save button at the bottom od Detail pane or choose Save menu item from File menu.

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Version History

1.0.0    First non-beta release.

⁃    FIX: directory property wasn't always applied

1.0b    Initial beta release.